Motorola, Chicago (2009) - Multi-day crash courses on Flash
Industry Giants (2008) - Short session on Softimage Realtime Shaders
Autodesk User Group (2008) - Renderman for Maya demonstration
Brooke’s Army Medical Center (2006) - Crash course in XSI
Nerjyzed (2006) - Crash course in XSI
Austin Game Conference (2006) - Various sessions focused on XSI for games
XSI Training Center at Siggraph (2006) - Various sessions focused on new XSI features
3December (2005) - Short session on new Maya features

(Instructor and Curriculum Developer on the following, except where noted)
Python in Houdini
Houdini Ocean Toolkit
RIB Archives in Renderman for Maya Pro
Particle Morphing in RealFlow
Getting Started with Stereoscopy in Houdini
Getting Started with Fur Tools in Houdini
ICE Particle States
New in Houdini 10
Geographical Elevation Mixer in Softimage
Introduction to Python ActiveX Scripting in Softimage
Animation Tips and Tricks in Maya (Instructor only)
Rigid Body Tips and Tricks in Maya
Character Control Rig Setup in Houdini
Character Capturing using Proximity in Houdini
Character Capturing with Capture Regions
Character Skeleton Building in Houdini
Introduction to Rigging in Houdini
Introduction to Physics in MotionBuilder
Object Space Normal Maps in Softimage
Getting Started with Digital Assets in Houdini
Introduction to Maya 2009
ICE Strands in Softimage
Fluids in Houdini
Scripting in RealFlow4
nParticles in Maya
Introduction to Mantra in Houdini
ICE Node Reference Library
Introduction to ICE
Shader Pipeline with XSI and XNA
Flash Maya Integration
Maya XNA Pipeline
Realtime Shading with XNA
Introduction to Maya Muscle
RealWaves in RealFlow
Intro to CDK
Introduction to Houdini 9
RBD in Houdini
Introduction to Houdini Dynamics
Intro to XSI Hair
RealFlow Dynamics
Python Scripting in Maya
ActionScripting for Games
XSI Particles
XSI Soft/Rigid Bodies
Game Techniques in XSI (co-authored with another Instructor)
Artist’s Guide to MEL (Curriculum Developer only)
Rendering with Maya Toon (Curriculum Developer only)
Introduction to Shave and a Haircut for Maya (Curriculum Developer only)
Introduction to RealFlow 4 (Curriculum Developer only)

Artist's Guide to XSI 7 for Softimage - packaged with XSI 7 and Softimage 7.5
Artist's Guide to XSI 6 for Softimage - packaged with XSI 6
XSI Siggraph 2006 edition DVD for Softimage
Pixar Siggraph 2007 Special Edition DVD for Pixar (Curriculum Developer only)
Pixar Siggraph 2006 Special Edition DVD for Pixar (Curriculum Developer only)